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Spots, stains and messes can damage and destroy your most cherished and valuable possessions. That’s why Goof Off® makes a wide range of effective solutions that work the first time on your toughest cleaning challenges. Using proprietary chemistry, the Goof Off® product line cleans what ordinary household cleaners can’t — from grease, glue and grime to crayons, adhesives and virtually every tough cleaning problem you’ll ever encounter. Goof Off® Heavy Duty Remover is the quick, easy way to clean up tough messes around the house. Goof Off® Pro Strength is ideal for industrial-strength messes in the home, garage and workshop. And its specialty removers are specifically formulated to make quick work of graffiti, super glue, grease, caulk and expanding foam.

Tests conducted by independent laboratories prove Goof Off® is stronger than competitive cleaning products — and even more importantly, stronger than the spots, stains and messes we’re fighting against.